Intensive & multiple

Therapies at ICARE Center

A team of trained and competent therapists will work to raise each child without burning their wings.
En thérapie intensive, Nicolas guinchard exerce la kinésithérapie Cuevas Medek Exercises auprès d'un enfant atteints de paralysie cérébrale ou d'infirmité motrice cérébrale.

The Cuevas Medek Exercises therapy is a physiotherapy treatment for children.

Through dynamic exercises, it seeks to provoke automatic reactions of postural control. This therapy is aimed for children with psychomotor delay due to a neurological problem or not.

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a technique that uses the exercises of CME therapy.

It adapts them to certain principles such as the alignment of postures, but also adding other innovative therapies (such as the vibrating platform for example).

Bébé en séance de Rhythmic Movement Training dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is a therapeutic technique that aims to integrate primitive reflexes.

It reproduces developmental movements, working on self-confidence and using gentle isometric pressure.

enfant en séance de lokomat dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

The lokomat is a rehabilitation device for training walking.

It is a robotic exoskeleton associated with a treadmill allowing therapy sessions focused on endurance and qualitative work of walking.

petite fille travaillant son équilibre sur un cheval en séance d'hippothérapie dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Hippotherapy is a therapy allowing contact between the horse and the child. 

It is a sensory and relational encounter that also allows for reeducation through the use of horse movements.

Un bébé en séance d'aquathérapie dans une piscine adaptée.

Physiotherapy in the swimming pool has several objectives thanks to the qualities and temperature of the water.

Muscle relaxation, release of movements, work against resistance... Without forgetting the joy that it can bring.

Enfants en séance de musicothérapie dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Music therapy is a therapy aiming at the global well-being of the person.

It favors a correct psychomotor and emotional development. It also stimulates motor skills, coordination and listening skills.

thérapie intensive - séance de psychomotricité pour les enfants atteints de troubles du développement ou de paralysie cérébrale. les enfants se déplacent à quatre pattes sur les tapis sensoriels.

Psychomotricity is a therapy that focuses on the overall development of the person, including motor skills, affectivity and intellect.

Several techniques and methods are used in psychomotricity. We will use the GDS method of muscle and joint chains as a key to understanding the child and as a basis for psychomotor rehabilitation.

Thérapie intensive - jeune fille en séance d'ostéopathie.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that attaches great importance to the restoration of function.

It takes into account the relationship between body, mind, spirit, health and disease.

Petit garçon en séance de fasciathérapie dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Fasciatherapy is a manual therapy that treats the fascia.

Fascias are a complex network from the top of the skull to the toes that separates and connects most of the body's structures (muscles, nerves, bones, blood vessels). Working on the fascias means freeing and facilitating the body's movements.

thérapie intensive - jeune fille ayant des troubles cognitfs assise près d'une biche.

Animal therapy is a method that uses animals as a mediator in a treatment. 

Its field of application is very varied and touches the motor field (tone, balance, fine motor skills) as well as the relational and psychological fields.

enfant en séance de logopédie dans le cadre de thérapies intensives pour améliorer son élocution.
Speech therapy seeks to stimulate language or improve pronunciation.

It also examines and treats swallowing disorders.

enfant atteint de troubles moteurs en séance de réalité virtuelle dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Virtual reality applied to rehabilitation in pediatrics allows to reinforce motivation in children. 

By choosing the appropriate game, it is possible to bring the child to perform the desired movement in a playful atmosphere and to get out of the monotony that could set in.

petit garçon en séance de thérapie sensorielle Snoezelen dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Snoezelen is a space designed to awaken the senses in a safe environment.

Snoezelen is a space designed to awaken the senses in a safe environment.

massage bien-être exercé sur un enfant atteint de paralysie cérébrale ou d'infirmité motrice cérébrale dans le cadre de la thérapie intensive.

Relaxing or invigorating massage, in preparation for other therapies... 

Various massages are possible depending on the time of day and the desired goal.

Deux enfants porteurs de handicap moteur et de trisomie 21 jouent ensemble